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  • 1. Can an absolute beginner take part?

    The club welcomes new members, but insists on newcomers to the sport completing a beginners course before they can take out membership. Beginner’s courses are run at the beginning of each month. Further details are available on our Classes page.

  • 2. What does it cost?

    All prices of courses and membership can be found on the Membership page. The beginners course costs €120 which is payable in advance at the start of the beginners course and is non-refundable.

  • 3. Cancellations

    If you have to cancel the course/private lesson, please notify the club at least 24 hours prior to the course/private lesson.

  • 4. Do I have to become a member?

    We do not allow people new to fencing to become members of the club until they have completed one of our beginners courses. Fencers who complete the beginners course successfully must become members if they wish to continue fencing at the club and participate in our intermediate/advanced class.

  • 5. What do I need to bring to the beginners course?

    We supply all equipment you need for beginners courses. Just bring runners, T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms and fee of €100.

  • 6. Where are you located?

    We are a 10 minute drive from the city centre. The address is St. Conleths College Gymnasium, Clyde Road, Ballsbridge. See our location map for details.

  • 7. What age do you have to be to join?

    Children class: 6 +

    Adult class: 15 +

  • 8. I am age 40+ is it too late for me to start fencing?

    It is never too late to start fencing. Many of our fencers started later in life and still enjoy fencing after 20 plus years. Fencing associations have veteran divisions that start at the age of 40 and are highly competitive. The members of Pembroke fencing ranges in age from 6 to those in their fifties. Your age is never an excuse not to start fencing.

  • 9. Do I have to book a place for the course?

    Yes, the booking is essential.

  • 10. Do I have to complete an application form?

    Yes, form will be provided on the date.

  • 11. How large are classes?

    10 - 12 people at the class.

  • 12. Can I borrow the equipment at the beginning?

    Yes, equipment will be provided.

  • 13. Is there any rental charge for the equipment?

    Not for beginners.

  • 14. Do I have to commit to a certain day each week?

    Yes, but only for Introduction course. Afterwards you can come on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8pm-10pm.


Opening Hours

Monday  6 pm – 9 pm
Tuesday  6 pm – 10 pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday  5.30 pm – 9.30 pm
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday 11.30 am – 13.30 pm