Pembroke Fencing Club offers a unique party experience for your child’s birthday. No experience is required! Let their imagination run wild to create a great adventure through this Olympic sport. Our professionally trained staff will teach your party guests the sport of Olympic fencing in a safe and fun environment. We provide all the equipment needed (jackets, masks, and fencing foils) for a non-stop sword-fighting birthday extravaganza. We’ll suit everyone up in jackets and masks, teach the basics of fencing and play group fencing games. With team games and fun props, your child’s party is sure to be one to remember. We provide one or one and a half hours of fencing fun at your home. If you do not have the room for the fencing event, we can organize to hire the hall or you can yourself find the hall.
Firstly, the instructor shows the children how to stand, move, attack and defend (fencing style). Finally, they are shown target areas and safety. Next, they are suited up in the fencing gear and then they begin the fencing games. The games are played one by one and grouped against a group. Choose from the packages below or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our parties are designed for two different groups of ages:

The Musketeers Adventure – for kids 7 to 10.

60-90 minutes of fencing games and sword-fighting entertainment for everyone in a real fencing club environment.

For the little ones, we’ll start with a fun warm-up game and an interactive lesson on how to move like a fencer.

The kids will learn then about the fencing equipment and get the chance to suit up in real fencing gear.

This is a great time for girls and boys with a sense of adventure and a love of swords.

 This package gives you the option to use, instead of real fencing gear, the special fencing playsuits, lighter and easier to manage, for the little ones.

Knights in White – for 10 to 16 years old

If your son or daughter keeps bugging you about trying fencing, Knights in White is exactly what you’re looking for – fun and exciting, the feeling of being a real fencer on the strip, facing your opponent (and earning your pizza slice right after!).

We’ll begin with a short introduction to fencing, basic rules, strategy and actions.

Young aspiring fencers will try target practice, drills and bouts.

In addition to our fun Birthday Parties, our club offers Fencing Parties for both kids and adults, for a rate of 20.00 euros per person, for a minimum of 8 people for 1,5 h private group instruction, including basic rules, score touch system, equipment and fencing bouts (matches) – hours of fun, being active and trying something new!!

Please, schedule your party in advance to make sure you secure your date, by emailing or calling us.

Venue requirements

The fees do not include venue hire or catering. In terms of facilities, we require a space roughly the size of a badminton court (45’ x 25’) with appropriate flooring (i.e. carpeted, rubber or wooden) and space for parents to provide food and drink etc. To discuss your party in further detail please phone Olga: 086 216 06 46

Things to Know:

Please reserve the date 2-3 weeks in advance.

To reserve your party, a €50 non-refundable deposit is required.

The remaining balance must be paid in full on the day of your party.

Please bring the following:

Decorations, cups, plates, napkins, and utensils

Food and drinks

Birthday cake

Alcohol is not permitted.

Guests should wear comfy clothes and sneakers and come prepared to have fun!

Bronze Party Package
• 1 hour of fencing games and activities
• Free invitations
• Commemorative certificate and real (metal) medal for the birthday boy or girl
• €130 for 10 children. Additional children €12 each. Maximum 16 children for age U10 and 20 children for 11yrs and older

Silver Party Package
• 1.5 hours of fencing games and activities with the Pembroke Fencing Club
• Free invitations
• Real (metal) medals for all children
• Commemorative certificate for birthday boy or girl
• €170 for 10 children. Additional children €12 each. Maximum 20 children

Gold Party Package
• 1.5 hours of fencing games and activities with Pembroke Fencing Club
• Free invitations
• Real (metal) commemorative medals for all children
• Premium certificate and medal for birthday boy or girl
• €200 for 15 children. Additional children €12 each. Maximum 20 children
• Free month class coupon for the party person

Opening Hours

Monday 6 pm -9 pm
Tuesday 6 pm – 10 pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 5.30 pm  – 9.30 pm
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday 11.30 am – 1.30 pm